4 Wheel Electric Forklift  Trucks

B22X / B25X / B30X / B35X-5

2,200kg to 3,500kg capacity


Extensive marketplace research kept our design team focused on providing a new generation of Doosan electrics geared to surpass customer expectations for Performance, Productivity, and Energy Efficiency. The result is a complete package of a revolutionary 3-phase AC control technology that effectively directs the trucks’ Drive, and Hydraulic systems.

The PRO5 Series integrates AC technological advances with user comfort and performance needs to provide: 

  • Faster travel and lift speeds to ensure peak performance
  • Energy consumption efficiency that translates into more run time  per  battery charge
  • Closed loop speed control system that maintains consistent operating speeds whether truck is loaded or not
  • Easily programmable performance selection that optimizes productivity while conserving  energy
  • Enhanced driver awareness of all operating and performance characteristics of the machine to enable ongoing productive   operation throughout the  shift
  • Reduced operating costs achieved by the elimination of motor brushes, commutators, directional & hydraulic contactors which  reduces  maintenance  and  increases uptime

These hard-working electrics will handle the toughest of application challenges including ramps, grades and rough underfoot conditions    to provide customers with a complete package of speed, power and efficiency guaranteed to meet all their material handing needs.