Pneumatic Forklift Trucks

D60S / D70S-5 & D80S / D90S-5 G60S / G70S-5

6,000kg to 9,000kg Capacity

Made to order… For your heavy duty operation! 

Doosans D/G60S-5 & D80S-5 Series has achieved an outstanding reputation for delivering power and performance in the toughest applications.

  • Here’s What You’ll Get With This New Redesigned series :
  • Optimized Operator Comfort & Safety Proven and Durable Components
  • High Powered and Fuel efficient Diesel and LPG Engine for High Performance
    • Low emissions and Minimal Vibration
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Virtually Maintenance-free Oil cooled Disc Brakes(Option)
  • 2 or 3 Speed Full Autoshift Transmission Lift, Tilt Locking, Pilot Operated
  • Fatigue-less Hydraulic Control Valve and Levers
  • OSS (Operator Sensing System)
  • A Variety of Operator Friendly Features