3 Wheel Electric Forklift  Trucks

B13R / 15R / 16R-5 (24V Rear Wheel Drive)

1,250kg to 1,600kg Capacity

New Electric Forklifts of Efficiency & Productivity Doosan Rear Wheel Drive Electric Forklifts Surpass Customer Expectation for Cost Efficiency, Performance and Productivity

Rear wheel drive electric forklifts(B16R Series) provide a great operating delight. As well as high performance, compact design is suitable for application of enclosed space, such as containers, wagons or lorries. 

For Optimum Comfort, F.C.U. (Front Cockpit Unit) was ergonomically designed for comfortable driving and anti-fatigue even in multi-shift operations helping stylish appearance together with optional deluxe suspension seat.

For smooth control, A.C.T. (Active Control Technology) has been incorporated into full AC (Drive and Hydraulic) system .

For greater productivity, AC drive & hydraulic motors promote energy efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

For industry best safety, O.S.S. (Operator Sensing System) makes drive happy due to protect operator from any risk.

For outstanding durability & reliability, O.C.D.B. (Oil Cooled Disc Brake) was equipped in all Doosan electric trucks.